Edward’s Heart

Gold Bling on King Eddy

Edward's Heart was created on August 8th 2010. It is located at the King Edward Hotel, in the East Village, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The process involved weaving gold curling ribbon through the expanded steel of the security doors located on the main entrance to the hotel. It took 12.5 hours to complete. Fully clad in men's jeans, steel toed work boots, safety vest and a hard hat, I was well camouflaged to work on a street laden with construction. The uniform made me 'invisible' -- as uniforms are intended to.

What was once an important music venue in Calgary, The King Eddy had been left sitting empty since 2004. As I wove, The gold “bling” of the heart reminded me of a BB King concert I once saw and the gaudy crescendo that transpired with his thug-like entourage taking front stage and tossing what seemed to be hundreds of gold trinkets and chains into the audience -- a traditional ritual sharing of their abundance I learned.

Now, exactly 2 years later, the heart remains, as tattered and faded as the Eddy itself.

Many Thanks to Michal Lavi and Lazy Susan Productions for the filming of this installation.

  • 2010
  • Gold curling ribbon woven through expanded steel
  • King Edward Hotel, 438 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • 7 x 6.5 feet
Edward’s Heart
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