Open Heart

Electrical sockets on the south side of City Hall

Based on the classic neon open sign, this 8ft intervention was my most challenging installation to date. Back in the fall of 2012 I noticed a few young guys on the roof of the Deane House in Inglewood, Calgary. It was dusk and a little odd that they were up on the roof at that time. I thought that they might have been getting into some trouble but because I saw a few christmas lights dangling about I let that thought go and kept walking -- so did everyone else. This started the wheels turning and it wasn’t long after that I noticed the unused electrical sockets on the south side of City Hall. After plugging my phone in to see if the sockets were live it was all uphill from there as Open Heart gradually came into being.

Generously sponsored by Calgary 2012 with continued support from the AFA for the Highway 2 Transfusion. I cannot thank these funders enough for trusting in my guerrilla project.

This would not have happened without my dad’s help in creating the initial armature. We learned a lot together about pipe bending! Nor would this have been possible without the advice and welding expertise of Larry Deglow. We will always remember you Larry!

Big big thanks to my install crew on this one! Doug Haslam and Sharon Stevens --- Always so brilliantly solid! and to Janet Turner and Michal Lavi for your gorgeous documentation --- not an easy piece to capture. I would not have been able to get this piece out into the world without any of you xoxoxoxoxox

All photos by Janet Turner

  • 2013 from the Highway 2 Transfusion
  • Neon rope light, conduit and chain link
  • 9th Avenue and MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, AB
  • 8ft x 7ft
Open Heart

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Sponsored By AFA
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